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Our Commitment to Success

We are a business driven IT consultancy – one built on the values of customer service and teamwork. Our seasoned team is committed to driving these core values in every area of our business.

Our commitment to your business is to place your success as our #1 priority. We bring our experience as an extension to your business in delivering diligence in areas  of IT business solutions best suited to address your business objectives. We qualify and align providers which are sustainable and focused on your long-term success.

The company uses the IT Broker model to fund our work, so that our consulting services can be offered to clients at no charge. We are supplier neutral in our approach in sourcing the solutions to best meet your business needs. 



Respect and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, and ideas.


Better together. Incredible things are achieved through teamwork and collaboration.


Founded on the philosophy of sharing what we have learned and have an unending desire to grow and deepen our consultative expertise. We pride ourselves on being continuous learners and are always ready, always accountable, and always helpful.


Best outcomes exist when priorities complement rather than compete with each other.


Guided by this simple principle: ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.  We take responsibility for our own actions and are true to our word.  

Our Leadership Team

Craig Campadore

Managing Partner

Craig is a veteran of IT technology having spent over 35 years in the IT and telecommunications industries. He brings a different perspective to our clients as his background spans almost every area of IT which includes as an Enterprise IT customer and in the service provider area.

Craig’s experience spans support, engineering, and leadership roles in IT Architecture, Engineering, Operations, Project Management, Sales, and Service Delivery. He brings extensive experience in working with client’s delivering the right solutions for their business whether best practices surrounding IT Infrastructure, architecture, or working with our clients to ensure successful delivery and ongoing support of their services in partnership with our service provider partners.

Craig focuses on building strategic partnerships with our clients and leading complex technical transformations in all industries with background in serving both public sector and private companies from Enterprise to Small Business .

When not supporting our clients Craig can be found either on the snow, in the water, or at sporting events with his family.

Brent Bailey

Managing Partner

Brent focuses on the operational and partner relations to help ensure pricing, contract execution, project execution and escalations go off without a hitch. If you’re not sure who to call, Brent is the person to reach out to and he is always happy to help!

Brent’s background spans operations management with enterprise businesses with over 30+ years experience. He brings real world knowledge of call center operations as well being on the client side of our business. His focus is multi-faceted in that he brings his deployment operations experience to our clients. Additionally, Brent’s experience in vendor management is key in supporting our clients.

Brent spends his free time learning ways to better support our clients and with his family.

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For comments, questions, and inquiries, please fill out the email form below.

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When your multi-location business is looking to grow, an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network is your solution. Adding MPLS capabilities offers secure, private multi-site communications, keeping your data insulated from general internet traffic. Your growing number of applications – whether that includes core business applications, voice, video or general internet traffic – are routed over private IP networks, ensuring that even your most sensitive data remains secure.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Enable seamless data connectivity among all locations
  • Ensure data security through private, secure connections
  • Prioritize traffic types with up to four classes of service
  • Ensure the performance of your network with service level agreements (SLA)