Global Connectivity

With a Single Point-of-Contact

Connectivity. Internet. Cloud computing. The Connected Enterprise. Big Data. The Internet of Things.

What do these all have in common? Network connectivity.

If you peel away the big, complicated names, the core of each of these things is the same – Network connectivity which is the foundation which enables you to access, collect, share and utilize data with your customers, partners, and across your business teams and resources. It also means communicating with more of these in real-time. Connected collaboration taps into smart networks and device technology to help organizations make better business decisions (or in some cases, makes decisions automatically).  We focus on taking the mystery out of ensuring your business is getting the most out of this key business tool.

Single Point of Contact for provisioning, support, sales & billing across carriers

As the telecommunication market continues to evolve, so does your company’s network connectivity strategy.   Your choice of carriers, network deployment and pricing have to be constantly audited and adjusted to stay ahead of the changing landscape. Pedestal provides the experience to assist in ensuring you are optimizing your spend . 

Flexible Options for Optimal Connectivity

Pedestal has relationships with over 100 carriers, including Tier 2s & 3’s providers, regional ILECs, CLECs and smaller networks for tough to reach markets.  Traditional carriers are limited to providing network connectivity across their backbone with limited options for last mile, making it expensive and difficult to service every market.  Pedestal is carrier neutral with over 30 years experience & tools that provide insight into backbone providers in any market around the world.  This allows us to provide creative solutions by combining two network providers that may otherwise would not have worked together.  We take a consultative approach and provide the appropriate connectivity options to solve our clients needs.

Network Connectivity to Support Any Application

Secure communications for multiple locations

We offer a variety of WAN solutions from our trusted partners that provide your business with secure, protected methods for routing high-traffic voice, video, and data communications across multiple locations. Whether you’re business goals require Internet connectivity, basic point-to-point network connectivity, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for improved security and privacy protection, or MPLS for greater security and QoS, we will work with your team in determining the best option for your business needs.

SD-WAN, MPLS, Fiber, Ethernet, 1 Gigabit Ethernet to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, DS-3, OC3, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, Cable, EoC,  DSL, 4G/5G Mobility, SIP, PRI, DS1

Smarter Approach to Networks

We work with our partners tp provide solutions which simplifies the complex technology landscape for our customers to create integrated and tailored managed network solutions that propel their organizations forward.

IP Transit & Dedicated Internet​

Cable Broadband


Cloud Connections

5G/4G Wireless Internet

Private Line

Ready to Connect?

Take Advantage of a Carrier Agnostic Consultation from a Trusted Adviser.

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IP Transit & Dedicated Internet​

Connecting your teams and partners to business resources is critical in providing optimized business performance at speeds up to 10Gbps, we make encrypted, congestion-free internet access easy so your business can run at its best.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Flexible connectivity options, including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet over Copper, DS1, DS3
  • Consistent performance, guaranteed by a single service level agreement (SLA) across all locations
  • Get the right amount of bandwidth for every location to ensure performance and stay within budget


When your multi-location business is looking to grow, an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network is your solution. Adding MPLS capabilities offers secure, private multi-site communications, keeping your data insulated from general internet traffic. Your growing number of applications – whether that includes core business applications, voice, video or general internet traffic – are routed over private IP networks, ensuring that even your most sensitive data remains secure.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Enable seamless data connectivity among all locations
  • Ensure data security through private, secure connections
  • Prioritize traffic types with up to four classes of service
  • Ensure the performance of your network with service level agreements (SLA)

Cable Broadband

Whether your business needs a high-speed backup Internet solution or a solid primary connection, broadband Internet services offer a cost-effective way to keep your business moving.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Cost-effective primary internet connections
  • Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic
  • Affordable internet access for non-critical traffic


As your business relies more and more on the internet and as you move applications to the cloud, your connections are critical. DSL is a reliable failover option for primary dedicated internet or MPLS connections. For single-person offices, non-critical traffic or difficult-to-reach locations, DSL can even serve as a primary connection.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Cost-effective failover for primary internet connections
  • Affordable internet access for non-critical traffic
  • Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic
  • Complimentary to cable internet as secondary circuit


Keeping your business running means deploying diverse connectivity options. When your primary connection goes down, rely on a satellite solution from to ensure multiple levels of diversity. Satellite will not share physical routes, rights-of-way into a building or points of presence with any of your terrestrial connections, reducing points of failure on your network. You’ll rest easy with the increased uptime and improved resiliency found in a satellite internet solution.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Diverse connectivity to the internet
  • A failover solution to primary internet access
  • Internet access even in the most remote or difficult-to-reach areas
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic and applications with latency tolerance

Cloud Connections

As you move more of your business applications, platforms and resources to the cloud, performance and security become increasingly important to ensure a positive user experience and protect yours and your customers’ data. Cloud connection services are the answer.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Connect directly to key cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and others
  • Consistent performance meeting high-security data protection
  • Quickly turn up new cloud-based apps and services using a managment portal
  • Gain control with real-time connectivity to your data centers and clouds and pay as you go
  • Minimize exposure to external threats by using private and secure network connections

5G/4G/LTE Wireless Internet

In today’s connected world, businesses require fast, reliable connectivity at a wide variety of locations. From remote offices to under-served areas, business cannot stop simply because internet options are limited. Expand your organization’s connectivity options with an advanced 4G/LTE connection options.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Increase network availability
  • Protect your business from costly disruptions
  • Provide cost-effective primary access to branch offices or supplement your primary access
  • Cost-effective backup to your primary internet access
  • Cost-effective supplementary bandwidth

Private Line

While your business may change with the shifting technology landscape, the reliable security of private line solutions isn’t going anywhere. When you need a reliable, secure way to transfer important data with constant latency on a secure network, private lines deliver the goods.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Predictable latency
  • The speed you need: DS1 all the way up to 10 Gbps
  • Performance backed by one simple service level agreement (SLA)