Telecom Expense Audit & Management

Telecom Expense Management
Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

The telecom expense management needs of every business are unique. Which is why Pedestal works collaboratively with each of our clients to design a telecom strategy that’s fully customized to your business, goals, and necessary IT and network requirements.

As your TEM provider, we’ll develop a telecom strategy that will aim to take the headache out of your telecom management while also saving you money. Whether you’re in need of a small solution or a full-enterprise deployment, our team will design a plan to manage your mobile, wireline, and Cloud-based SaaS applications.

Telecom Expense Audits - Optimize Your Contract Spend

With most companies’ telecommunications networks, changing market rates, complicated contracts and even more complicated vendor incentives, it can be nearly impossible to know where you stand from a service level, rates or even performance to contract. Telecom expense auditing isn’t new, but a strategy that has relevance today as the landscape of technology and management of it continues to change.

We Find Problem Areas and Opportunities for Savings

  • Multiple billing for circuits under different accounts
  • Phantom network circuits
  • Unbilled components and services
  • Charges for services that should have been turned off due to changes, acquisitions or office moves
  • Provisioning problems that often happen when new rates under existing contracts or recent amendments are not accurately applied
  • Benchmarking and management of contracts
  • Support services
  • Full integration with your existing IT/Telecom team

Control Your Expenses with Telecom Expense Management

Managing telecom and IT expenses can be time consuming and complicated for small and large organizations alike. Aging phone systems, multiple service providers and vendors, and contract renewals are just a few of the ways that telecom management can be difficult to manage proactively.

Pedestal streamlines your telecom expense management to produce big savings on both your service spend and internal administrative costs.

As your TEM provider, we will manage your ongoing telecom invoices, inventory, rates, and contracts so you can stay focused on your business.

What TEM delivers

  • Auditing and Allocation all Telecom Invoices & Charges
  • Order, change and terminate services (MACD)
  • Cost optimization and expense reduction
  • A single view of all Telecom Inventory & Expenses
  • Contract and Rate alerts
  • Benchmarking and management of contracts
  • Support services
  • Full integration with your existing IT/Telecom team

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When your multi-location business is looking to grow, an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network is your solution. Adding MPLS capabilities offers secure, private multi-site communications, keeping your data insulated from general internet traffic. Your growing number of applications – whether that includes core business applications, voice, video or general internet traffic – are routed over private IP networks, ensuring that even your most sensitive data remains secure.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Enable seamless data connectivity among all locations
  • Ensure data security through private, secure connections
  • Prioritize traffic types with up to four classes of service
  • Ensure the performance of your network with service level agreements (SLA)