Unified Communications-as- a-Service (UCaaS)

Your Integrated Communications Solution

Connected Workspace, Connected Clients
Your Way From Anywhere!

A UCaaS business strategy brings together voice communication and data sharing tools in a single unified place, with the flexibility to communicate on your device of choice and the way that best suits your business and team. Collaborate across the room or across the world with enterprise-class services available to your business whether a Small Business Entrepreneur or Enterprise Business, it has never been easier to complete projects and to communicate as team in any environment.

Why UCaaS?

  • Work from Anywhere, Any Device: A cloud-based platform empowers you take your communications anywhere at any time. On any device at any location, every employee can be available for business as usual without missing a beat.
  • HD Voice Calling: Place and receive calls on your computer, desk phone, mobile phone, or tablet using your business phone number. Seamlessly move calls between devices.
  • HD Video Calling: Instantly launch a video conference, using the camera you already have on your device.
  • Chat and Messaging: Chat or text message to stay connected no matter where you are and whatever device.
  • Screen and File Sharing: You're just clicks away from sharing your screen - no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.
  • Call and Message History: Missed a call or chat? No worries! UCx keeps your call history, chat history, and voicemail box all together in one place.
  • Presence: Presence allows you to see if your co-worker is available prior to transferring a call or messaging them.
  • Seamless Integration: Combine the power of your communications platforms with your business systems by dynamically integrating both to help you reach peak efficiency.

UCaaS Business Benefits to the Bottom Line

UCaaS providers offer a wide range of models in delivering cloud-based business services to you as a customer. Whether a single location, your team on the road or working remotely, to a multi-site business that today has voice systems at numerous locations, UCaaS enables your business to be treated as a single campus. One platform delivering extension dialing, forwarding, park, and numerous additional functionality across delivers a single platform without additional cost. All of this under a single bill or based on your business financial preferences. 

Enhanced Analytics and Performance Management

Discover insightful data you can leverage to improve communications, achieve measurable advantages and gain operational efficiencies

  • Analytics & Call Quality Reporting
  • Guaranteed on-net performance
  • Management portals, user portals, usage dashboards and network performance tools
  • Performance can be measured across multiple levels, such as a specific call, user, business unit, location or country
  • Call recording, usage statistics, automated attendants, hunt groups, call center queues

Increased Visibility and Control

See your entire enterprise on a single screen and experience an administrator portal designed for you to simply and quickly manage an enterprise.

  • Consistent, simplified communication management across multiple locations
  • Integrated Systems Management
  • All system upgrades, patches done by the provider
  • 24x7 Support
  • Training and online support documentation
  • Detailed Billing and Call Management

Business Continuity & Security

Discover insightful data you can leverage to improve communications, achieve measurable advantages and gain operational efficiencies

  • High availability based on cloud-based fully diverse redundant data centers
  • Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery redundancy with no single point of failure
  • Fully secure data centers meeting industry compliance certifications
  • Compliance Management

Flexibility, Scalability and Seamless Integration

Flexible infrastructure that flexes as your business does. Feature updates and enhancements are done in the cloud eliminating onsite system upgrades  Feature updates are done seamlessly.

  • Scale up or down as business demands through self service portals
  • Add or remove seats with a single click.
  • Combine the power of your communications platforms with your business systems by dynamically integrating both to help you reach peak efficiency.

OpEx Budgeting and Planning (vs. CapEx)

Since UCaaS is an operational expense (OpEx), there are no large upfront capital expense investments to make. Plus, the Pay-As-You-Go model means companies are only charged for the resources and services used on a monthly basis.

Advanced Reporting/Analytics

Actionable information is the key to successful customer experiences. UCaaS solutions utilize dedicated data center servers to collect and evaluate data, and provide easy-to-use, customizable access to that data for real time and historical analytics.

Advanced and Secure Infrastructure​

Hosted in secure data centers on public or private networks, UCaaS solutions have advanced networks with built in redundancy, security and technology. The design and construction of a UCaaS solution is more resilient than most organizations can afford in their own infrastructure.

Questions as to whether a good fit for your business?

We are here to assist in looking at your business today and goals for tomorrow to determine what technologies bring value to your business.

Is UCaaS a fit for your business? Let us assist you in deciding and the best fit.

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When your multi-location business is looking to grow, an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network is your solution. Adding MPLS capabilities offers secure, private multi-site communications, keeping your data insulated from general internet traffic. Your growing number of applications – whether that includes core business applications, voice, video or general internet traffic – are routed over private IP networks, ensuring that even your most sensitive data remains secure.

  • Benefits & Attributes:
  • Enable seamless data connectivity among all locations
  • Ensure data security through private, secure connections
  • Prioritize traffic types with up to four classes of service
  • Ensure the performance of your network with service level agreements (SLA)